Smart Tennis Sensor Zepp 2


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Introducing the high performance tennis sensor

Harnessing the latest motion-capture technology and the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, the smart tennis sensor Zepp 2 enables tennis enthusiasts or professionals alike to better understand and improve their tennis performance scientifically.

This is a light-weight sensor that attaches to the base of the tennis racket, and when connected with your mobile phone APP (Zepp Tennis) via bluetooth, you will be able to read your tennis data such as swing speed, calories burned.  It also recognises your type of stroke, tracks your tennis workout chronologically, or even records a video clip and review your stroke at that very moment.

Go ahead !  Play your game, let technology help you to improve your skills

How To Connect

  • Securely attach smart tennis sensor Zepp 2 onto the base of your Tennis racket via the 3 types of adaptor provided in the package – Pro Mount, Flex Mount, Insert Mount which can be used with any brands of racket
  • Download the “Zepp Tennis” app to your smart phone. Available in iOS and Android
  • Wirelessly connect tennis sensor Zepp 2 to your Smart Phone App
  • Synchronising your tennis sensor Zepp 2 with your mobile phone.  Your sports data can be recorded or reading through real-time
  • Turn on your phone camera and have your friend record your strokes, review your stroke with the synchronize data
  • Go on, play your game ! See smart tennis sensor Zepp 2 presents to you with data analytics and get you to improve your games scientifically

Device Specification

Light weight and small, it is the lightest in the market and yet outperforms all its peers.

Let’s look at its impressive specification at a glance:


6.25 grams / Diameter 25.4 mm & Thickness 12.3 mm


Dual accelerometers / Dual 3-axis gyroscopes

Long Battery life:

8 hrs continuous use / 90 mins to full charge

Memory capacity:

Flash Storage / holds up to 3,500 swings 

Best connectivity:

Bluetooth LE provides the most stable connection & lowest power consumption