Scroli Scoreboard


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Scorli Scoreboard is an outdoor/indoor color display that can display score result of tennis and other racket games in real time. The result are transmitted via Bluetooth from a tablet/smartphone (iOS and Android based). The Scoreboard uses Scorli dedicated firmware + dedicated application (Scorli App) that allow transmitting the results up to 80-meter range. Advertising or other marketing material can also be displayed through a dedicated wi-fi card and dedicated application that is installed in laptop/smartphone/tablet.


Screen Resolution 128 x 96 pixels
Screen dimensions 0.64 (W) x 0.48 (H)m = 0.3072 sqm
LED Module Outdoor P5 SMD Full Color LED Module
Wi-Fi card (Optional) TF-QB1+HUB75Q010 WI-FI
Display Function Text and graphic
Clear view Daylight 70-80 meter
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0, up to 70 meter range
Weight 13 kg