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Zepp Play Football is the sensor for tracking your football action. It will record players’ football kicking data in real time. For instance, top speed, sprints, kicks, kicking speed, goal conversion rate, duration it takes to play on the right foot. It also has auto-clip technology to create video highlights that give you an overview of your football playing. Just insert a sensor into socket at the back of your sock and start playing, Zepp Play Football will instantly capture your soccer kicking stats.

How To Connect

  • Download the application “Zepp Play Football” to your smartphone. Available in iOS and Android.
  • Insert the Zepp smart football sensor into socket at the back of your dominant leg sock.
  • Connect the football sensor with the application on your smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • When started playing football, your kicking data will be automatically transmitted to the Zepp Play Football app on your smartphone.

Device Specification


Width 27.2 mm. Length 38 mm. Height 7.2 mm. / 6.84 grams


3-Axis Accelerometer + 3-Axis Gyroscope


Built-in Lithium Ion Battery, 40 hrs continuous use


Flash Storage 


Bluetooth 4.0