Lobster Elite One


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Product Details:

Oscillation: random horizontal
Speed: 10 to 80 mph
Feed rate: 2-12 seconds
Spin: top, back
Elevation: electronic, 0-60 degrees
Ball capacity: 150
Power: battery or a/c
Court time: 4-8 hours
Charger type: standard charger
Remote: optional
Weight: 19 kg
Dimension (folding): 15.5 x 29 x 21 inches


random oscillation

comes with Remote Control and Standard Charger for convenience in functions adjustment and shorter battery charging time


If your focus is having fun and improving your tennis game with an affordable automatic tennis ball machine, then the Lobster elite one is the perfect choice!

Enjoy playing against the Lobster elite one tennis machine’s advanced features, including:

  • Full corner-to-corner random oscillation will help you work on your forehands and backhands.
  • 60 degree lobs, a feature not available on any other battery operated tennis ball machine, will help you practice your overheads.
  • Improve your reaction time with ball speeds up to 80 miles per hour.
  • Perfect your ability to return whatever comes your way with our heavy top and backspin feature.

If you think your game could benefit from triple oscillation, which moves you throughout the entire court, find out more about our elite two Lobster tennis machine.