Open Goaaal! Football Goal Rebounder


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Out of stock

Stops shots flying over the bar and wide of the post, and then slides out of sight once the game is over.  No more fetching the ball.  No need to shoot “safe”.  No white plastic goal to stare at.  And great for improving shooting skills.

The inner white goal is approximately 4.9m crossbar x 2.1m goalpost (16’ x 7’). It is surrounded by a black rebound net that’s 3m (10′) high and up to 8.7m (29′) wide to stop the ball. It hangs from a black bungee rope suspended between two 3m-high green metal poles, and is pegged to the ground.

Strong steel poles. No digging required. Push the slots in and stabilize with the guy ropes.  High quality bungee.  Strong netting. Sturdy and high quality structure.

The Ultimate Football Goal – Shoot Hard, Improve Touch, Rebounds Missed Shots



  • There are four sizes of Open Goaaal!:
  • LARGE” – 3m HIGH (WHITE GOAL – 4.8×2.1m)
  • STANDARD” – 3m HIGH (WHITE GOAL – 2.7×1.6m)
  • JUNIOR” – 2.4m HIGH (WHITE GOAL – 2.4×1.4m)
  • MY FIRST” – 2.0m HIGH (WHITE GOAL – 1.8 x 1.2m)
  • Can narrow STANDARD and LARGE size for smaller gardens
  • It can be slide out of sight once the game is over. Leaving you to enjoy your garden without staring at a white plastic goal
  • Brilliant for goalkeeping practice far less fetching
  • Strong enough for a pro to shoot at 1.5mm steel poles and bungee to absorb the power