Siboasi Football Training Machine


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Out of stock

Product Details:

Serve speed: 20-140 kmph
Serving frequency: 2.5-7 seconds
Ball capacity: 15 balls
Adjustable vertical angle range: 0-40 degree
Adjustable horizontal angle range: 0-70 degree
Power: 150 W
Voltage: AC:100-240V; DC:12V
Weight: 102 kg



  • Smart remote control with digital LCD display, high performance sensor
  • Adjustable vertical and horizontal angle
  • Different functional modes training – Fixed point, Two-line ball, Three-line ball, Random, High and low, Rotating ball, etc.
  • From ground ball to head ball, intelligent adjustment, arbitrary angle and intentity
  • Intelligent placement programming, self programming for different training modes
  • High-end wear resistant moving wheels for ultimate portability